5 Rituals To Put Spirituality Back Into Everyday Life

Often, our busy lives force us to operate on “autopilot” mode. A state which can give the unpleasant impression of missing out on the essential. To find the little spark that makes the salt of existence

According to Confucius, “Joy is in everything”… provided you know how to extract it! But, we must admit, we rarely put ourselves in a position to taste this happiness that would reside in everything. By dint of living our lives at full speed, directed by increasingly numerous injunctions, we are often overwhelmed by stress and feel the unpleasant impression of missing out on the essential. Here are the best spiritual love quotes and spiritual relationship quotes for a good relationship between souls that will create a strong relationship.

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This essential, specific to each one, can only be revealed if we agree to take a break to refocus. Spirituality – perceived as a quest for meaning or hope – constitutes an absolute lifeline to find a balance within our tumultuous existences. “While the general atmosphere honors the idols of science, of the measurable and rational, spirituality is saving in that it includes an extreme opposite.

Adding touches of spirituality in our lives should not be reduced to a simple technique to free oneself from stress and anxieties. The objective is to restore consistency, roundness, and thickness to our existence! Only once this path has been started will the minor hassles of everyday life be erased. If the challenge seems sizable, especially for the Cartesians among us, don’t worry. Here are five rituals to integrate into your daily life to find spirituality in your life. And for that, there is no need to become a monk or nun or even to have a doctorate in theology.

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1. Study your morning thoughts

This “rushing day ritual” will allow you, as soon as you wake up, to train your mind to take more independence from your thoughts.

How To Practice It

“In your bed, just before you stand up, take a moment to sit on the edge of the mattress, preferably with your feet on the floor. Open your eyes a little, and start to study, to see, to hear the thoughts that are going through your inner universe, observe the contents of your mind as a scientist would. “

The Effects Of The Ritual

Like a meditation exercise, this ritual should train you to adopt a distanced look at your thoughts so that you are no longer emotionally subjected to them. “It is thus possible to look neutrally at thoughts of this type” Another rotten day, and it’s raining … “. Thought loses its capacity to influence. The practitioner notes in him a deep relief: a liberation allowing him to continue the day in a much lighter way.

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2. Catch Your Breath

Do you panic in your day, feel like everything is going too fast, or need to decompress? Adopt “the ritual of the breath-refuge” to reconnect to your breathing.

How To Practice It

“Isolate yourself: in the bathroom, in your office… or just mentally. Place your hands on your stomach as if you were holding a small animal, warm and soft. Do not hesitate to imagine it if it makes you feel good. And breathe. Feel the breathing coming and going. The belly that moves to accompany it. “

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The Effects Of The Ritual

The movement of the breath should have a relatively rapid calming effect, much like a cardiac coherence exercise. “The key to this practice is to feel. There is no need to “think about breathing” but rather to “really breathe” with all the sensations accompanying this physiological phenomenon.

3. Accept Your Weaknesses

Our society of performance and success leaves little room for the acceptance of our weaknesses. This “ritual of reconciliation” will help you to accept that “everything has its share of incompleteness or fragility” by offering you to “explore these gray areas, these flaws, like so many treasures to enjoy the present moment. . .”

How To Practice It

“Try little by little to find your faults: where do you feel them in the body? At what times do they appear? These places, these mysteries, these emotions are your poems. To drive them away would be to want to take away its deep beauty from your life. To accept these weaknesses, imagine arms around you, warmth that comforts—a soft little nest to envelop your fragility. You will gradually learn to be at peace with what is there, as reconciled. “

The Effects Of The Ritual

Adopting this more spiritual perspective on one’s weaknesses and those of the world generally leads to considering one’s life in a new light, loaded with empathy and benevolence. “You will first notice that fragility is everywhere, in everything, in everyone, whatever we do to hide it,” By accepting your fragility, you will also develop a greater tolerance regarding your “imperfections” and those of others. “

4. Learn To Walk Again

What if walking – differently – was enough to add spirituality to your life? This is what the “kinhin ritual” proposes, which reconciles walking and meditation.

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How To Practice It

“Start by spreading both legs the width of the pelvis, one foot slightly in front of the other. Then let your total body weight sink onto the front leg as you exhale. When the inspiration comes, as soon as the breath comes in through the nostrils, take a half step forward. Then start again. The left-hand forms a fist, with the thumb inside. The root of the thumb, placed against the solar plexus. The right-hand wraps around the left fist. Elbows horizontal. The gaze oblique towards the ground, eyes half-closed, without trying to fix anything. “

5. Go To Bed In Gratitude

This last ritual of the day – or “ritual for the evening that goes down” – could be seen as a spiritual reading of the adage “As you make your bed, you lie down”: your state of mind at bedtime will not only guide your sleep. Still, it will influence how you remember your day, as well as the frame of mind in which you wake up.

How To Practice It

“To end your day in evanescence and lightness, I suggest you offer an incense. If you don’t have one, a candle can do the trick. Light the incense or the candle and take the time to contemplate the small glowing flame. Dedicate this light to whomever you want, a divinity, to life, to the day that is dying out, to the people you meet …”

The Effects Of The Ritual

In addition to preventing you from reaching your day before falling asleep, this ritual has multiple benefits. “It is a symbolic act which enables the day to be closed, whether it was good or bad, by putting things in perspective. This ritual also allows you to express your gratitude, to take the time to thank life for what it offers us. Finally, with this bit of ceremony, it is the body that speaks and acts. The mind has to go with the flow. No need to over think. You can lay down your arms. The day is over. “


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