5 Indians Who Became Rich Playing International Lotteries

Published:Nov 28, 202304:03
5 Indians Who Became Rich Playing International Lotteries
International Lotteries,,Photo credit: BBC.com

International Lotteries

People worldwide become instant millionaires playing international lotteries. Because lotteries are only legal in certain states in India, sometimes people assume Indians are not among the winners. This is untrue. One reason for this is the availability of Indians to play international lotteries online. Playing your favorite lottery games is perfectly legal in India. You can play the games and check Tara Matka live results online. It is a prevalent option across the globe.  

Of course, another reason is we are a global society, and Indian people often play lotteries while traveling. In this article, we will share with you some incredible stories of Indian people who became very rich overnight with the help of the lottery. 

Online winner

Partho Mondal won an astonishing ₹5,286,953.34 playing the Malamaal Daily lottery online with industry leader Lottoland. Mondal was the first-ever winner of Lakhpati. The 

West Bengal resident won with five numbers he chose randomly. They were 03, 05, 14, 30, and 31. He said he planned to pay off his debts and use his winnings to help his family and friends. 

Another online lottery winner in India who wished to remain anonymous is known only as C.J. In November 2018, and he won second place on Austria Lotto’s website, theLotter. C.J. matched five out of six numbers and collected €32,161. The numbers he selected were 20, 25m 29, 32, 44, and 25. C. J. is a daily online player. 

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Luckiest Man Alive?

Is A.K. Mohammad Basheer the luckiest man alive? We will let you decide for yourself. In 2016, Basheer, a resident from Kerala, was traveling on flight Emirates EK521 when it caught fire. The emergency landing ravaged the plane. All 300 people on the plane survived. Sadly, one firefighter on the ground was killed. It was truly miraculous.

Basheer had been an employee in Dubai for 37 years. He had planned on retiring the previous year, but his employer talked him into staying one more year. Basheer was on his way home to Kerala to visit family. He knew that he was lucky to be alive when he landed safely on the ground. But, his good luck had not run out yet. Two days after the near-fatal crash, Basheer won more than $1 million (Rs 6.66 crore) at the Dubai Duty-Free lottery!

Basheer said he would consider this a gift from God and retire back to Kerala. He did not want to start his own business or donate to charity. He wanted to find people who were truly in need and help them. He said he knew what poverty was like and wanted to help people suffering.

Jingming Pan
Photo credit: BBC.com

Photo credit: Jingming Pan

Huge Indian Winners

Kansan resident Hira Singh won a whopping $50 Million (₹400.09 Crore) in the Mega Millions lottery in March 2019. While in the state of Missouri, in the United States, Singh bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket at a gas station. Later he realized his numbers of 10, 12, 16, 49, and 57 and the Mega Ball of 18 were winners. Singh did not disclose how he intended to use his windfall. Mega Millions is one of the international lotteries available online at the Lottoland site mentioned above, so Indians can also play this lottery from their own country. 

Sandeep Singh was living in the United States in October 2012. At 22 years old, he worked two jobs to survive and had just suffered an ugly break-up with his girlfriend. However, his luck was about to turn around. Singh purchased a scratch-off ticket, winning $4. He used the $4 to purchase four Mega Millions lottery tickets. One of those tickets won him an incredible $61 million (455.5 crores!) He split the winnings with a friend giving each of them $30.5 million (227.8 Crores.) This gave Sandeep Singh the notoriety of being one of India's youngest and richest millionaire winners. He planned to donate some money to charity and pay off the debt owed on his mother’s home. 

Perhaps one of the most inspiring winners is Krisha Barri. Barri is an Indian American who won $14.5 million (108.3 Crore) in 2018. Barri did not spend his money on luxury vacations or expensive houses. Instead, he used part of his winnings to educate a minimum of 100 underprivileged children in India.

Further, he set up a trust in the name of his deceased brother-in-law, who had helped him financially to support his own higher education in prior years. 


Today, Indian people have options that were not always available to them in the past. Of course, if traveling in a foreign country, buying a lottery ticket is possible. But today, Indians can access international lotteries from their homes in their own countries. They can place bets on the results of the big lotteries with off-shore companies. Indian people have the same chance of becoming overnight millionaires as anyone else. There has never been a time when more Indian citizens are living out their dreams of playing and winning the lottery. As we see from the stories above. Dreams sometimes come true.

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