13 Things Only Best Friends Will Understand

Published:Dec 5, 202315:12
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Besties for LYFE.

There are certain things that are sacred between two girls who are best friends; like your highly sophisticated system of looks for communicating a plethora of things to one another from across a crowded room, or the jokes literally only the two of you actually get.

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with the joy that is having a female best friend, then you probably understand these things way better than women who are sans BFF…

1. When you’re both really drunk.

2. How you react when one of you is single.

3. The fact neither of you is ever on time to your catch-ups and you never feel judged for it.

4. When you see someone flirting with your bestie’s crush.

5. The fact you know you can always lie and she’ll totally run with it.

6. The way you communicate when one of you spots a hottie from across the room.

7. You’re like a married couple, except instead of ordering your BFF roses to surprise her, you do it with pizza, as food is your unspoken love language.

8. As is wine.

9. How you each react when one of you has success.

10. How you react when someone hates on your bestie.

11. And how you react when you discover your BFF has other close friends.

12. How much you not only appreciate but totally love each others’ weirdnesses.

13. And the fact neither of you is shy about frequently letting the other know just how much she means to you.

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Comment: What thing about you does only your bestie understand?


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