125+ Powerful Words and Phrases of Praising

Praising just doesn’t make a person feel good but also it boosts their confidence and morale. In a world where everyone is trying to assert themselves and make themselves presentable what one can do to help them is praise them for their efforts.

Appreciating others for the little things can make the person more productive and efficient in their work.

Powerful Words and Phrases of Praising






-You are doing phenomenal work!

-What creativity! 

-You look smart!

– Stunning performance!

– You are excelling in your field! 

– You look drop-dead elegant! 

– You have set a bar too high for others.

– You are exemplary!

– Your hard work made this possible.

– Hats off for your dedication.

– You are a man of commitment.

– Your support counts!

– Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

–Good job! Keep it up!

– You are an inspiration for others. 

– How elegantly you carry yourself.

– You are an effortless dancer.

– Your painting mesmerises the onlookers

– Everyone who wants to be successful should take notes from you.

– Good going dear.

-Happy for you.

-You vibe well.

-You have been a pillar of strength for your family

-I am impressed by your skills

-I would rate 11 out of 10 for your presentation

-You have outshined yourself several times.

-I love it!

-Give me lessons to be smart like you.

-You have surprised me with your talent.

-You are no ordinary human!

-Superb work!

-You are like a lamb with the courage of a lion.

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-You are stuffed with incredible abilities.

-I love your hairstyle.

-You are too smart to be fooled, aren’t you?

-God has created a few perfect humans and I am sure you are one of them.

-Incredibly smart and talented.

-Your sarcasm is at the point.

-I admire you for your talent.

-You are an inspiration.

-One must take notes on how to be sympathetic and hardworking from you.






-I can’t stop licking my fingers, the food was that tasty.

-You go, girl!

-You are a phenomenal woman!

-Your mom and dad must be very proud of you, dear.

-I am shaken by your never giving up approach. 

-You are unique in your way.

-What a breathtaking performance!

-The world is bound to bend in front of your determination.

-You are a very sweet person.

-You are not just a good looking human but also a tricky person.

-How wonderfully you carry yourself. 

-You personify beauty in simplicity.

-I can’t believe my eyes, you were so good at the stage.

-You have impressed your clients already with your confidence.

-You look so neat and clean!

-You have a beautiful voice.

-Your overwhelming labour can be seen in your project. 

-What a calculative move, impressing!

-You have handled the sensational crisis quite very well.

-I don’t believe in luck anymore after seeing your determination.

-You deserve a pat on your soldier for your superb work.

-You have made your entire team proud. 

-We are sure to win, we have you on our side.

-You have won all hearts with your friendly nature.

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-You deserve every success, you are too talented.

-The world needs more kind-hearted humans like you.

-You truly have leadership quality.

-Wow! You look amazing!

-The speech conveyed by you was so heart touching.

-I wish I was as talented as you.

-You are a rockstar! 

-what an innovative idea!

-How can you be so positive always!

-You did a recommendable job, you deserve all the praise.


-You are a par excellence human.

-Never seen a generous human like you.

-Your politeness can make anyone do anything you want.

-You have great potential, all the best for your future endeavours.

-People were awestruck by your speech.

-Taking notes on how to be astonishing like you.

-Teachers remember you for your honesty and obedience. 

-You are like a gag among these serious-looking men and this is no less than a compliment.

-When I grow up I would love to be like you, Mom.

-Dad, you are my source of happiness and strength.

-Kudos to you and your team for the great work!

-Lucky are those who have your company.

-You carry yourself so well! Give me some tips.

-I seriously need to take lessons from you on how to look classy yet fashionable.

-You have a great dressing sense!

-Just perfect!

-I have no words to display how impressed I am with your credibility.

-You are an ambitious lady!

-You are improving day by day!

-What an overwhelming personality you have!

-You swayed everyone!

-you are too smart to be tricked, my bad.

-Everyone saw the potential in you from the very first day.

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-Not hyping you but how can someone be so cool?

-I can rely on you for anything.

-You are an athlete! 

-Keep rolling.


-Are you an all-rounder? You know everything about every field.

-Everyone’s eyes were on you, you owned the spotlight.

-No wonder why everyone is praising you, you earned it!

-The way you speak is mesmerising, you spoke the fact but no one is hurt! How do you do this?

-We are ready for any challenges, we have you, what else do we need?

-You are a good listener! 

-Keep rolling!

-I am more than glad that I have you in my life.

-You are blessed with beautiful eyes.

-You are an obedient girl.

-I know life is getting tough for you, but I bet you can overcome all this.


-You have an incredible entrepreneur quality, don’t you?

-You make people feel light around you.

-You are not just hard-working but a smart human too and that’s a deadly combination. 

-The way you pull out every costume with remarkable audacity and confidence is stunning! 

-You should rename yourself as a serial chiller, you are so chilled in every situation!

-What a personality!

-You are a high witted person!

-Woah! What elegance!

-You can make the best from every situation.

-Oh that spark on your face!

-Just wow!

-I am highly moved by your speech.

-Splendid work fella!

-You are a genius. 




-Decent work.

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